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Patricia O’Rourke – Candidate for the Board of Trustees (incumbent) 

Substitute Teacher, ICSD;

Member, Board of Trustees since 2010

I have held a position on the Board of Trustees of the Village of Lansing since 2010. I am currently the only woman on the Board. Over the years I have worked hard as a trustee and have enjoyed interacting with my constituents. I am running again for re-election, seeking your vote to continue my service for our community.

I lived for 32 years and ran a business for 22 years in the Village. I worked for the Ithaca City School District for the last 10 years as a substitute teacher. I attended TC3 and received my BA from Wells College in 2007. I have deep understanding of the educational system in this area. I served on the Chamber of Commerce Board, Family and Children’s Services Board, and Tompkins Trust Company Board for the Northeast Service Area. I rotate as the trustee liaison for the Village of Lansing Planning Board. I served for many years on the Tompkins County Youth Services Board. I am the Village Representative on the Tompkins County Council of Governments. I serve on the Village Deer Committee, and am responsible for checking and balancing the financial records of the Village. For the last two years I represented the Village at the fall Training School sponsored by the New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials and the Office of State Controller where I focused on internal controls, capital planning, government accounting, and enacted and pending legislation.

I have worked diligently to understand the development issues and challenges that both the Planning and Trustee Boards face. I am especially interested in the interaction between the Village and Town of Lansing, as well the Board relationship with Village residents. On the political spectrum I am a moderate and can represent fairly the views of my constituents. I strongly support preservation of our special Lansing environment. I staunchly support our green space, but support a balanced use of land for natural area enjoyment, housing, business, and technology parks.

The smooth running of our government owes much to the quality of our personnel and the good relationship between the various parts of our VOL government.  I am currently the Board of Trustees’ representative to the Planning Board.   Last year’s process of rezoning a portion of Cornell’s Business and Technology Park to residential required in depth study by both Boards and was carried out in complete accord with our VOL Comprehensive Plan and in compliance with all legal requirements.  It was a very good example of how a well-run village should deal with the often competing interests of its residents and businesses in light of broader community needs.

I have enjoyed working with my neighbors and colleagues in the Village, supporting the good work that the Mayor and other trustees have achieved. I very much appreciate your vote, and look forward to continued Board service on the issues and challenges we face in keeping our community safe, environmentally friendly, and financially stable.



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