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Ronny Hardaway Candidate for the Board of Trustees (incumbent) 

Software professional, small business owner, artist

I have served the Village of Lansing as a member of the Village’s Board of Trustees since 2015.  I chair the Greenway and Landscape Plan Committee, and I serve as the Village’s representative to the County Youth Services Board and to the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Joint Youth Commission. My primary areas of interest while serving as a Village Trustee include:

  • Provide for the general welfare of the Village’s citizens, businesses and government
  • Manage the Village’s property, infrastructure, and finances, and ensure that its budget is used prudently
  • Maintain the Village’s property-zoning laws and codes, and allow for their appropriate amendment and enforcement
  • Foster the growth of private and commercial citizenship within the Village
  • Encourage housing development in a variety of sizes and price points to meet the Village’s demographic needs
  • Enhance the Village’s walkability and accessibility, and increase the recreational parklands available to citizens and visitors
  • Ensure that the Village government runs smoothly and efficiently.

My professional background includes several decades of experience in successful product development, planning, process evaluation and improvement, documentation, training, international team-building, leadership, collaborative system designs, and customer satisfaction.

My educational degrees include a B.A. in English and History and a M.S. in Software Engineering.

My wife, Deborah, and I made the Village of Lansing our home upon our retirement, and we have been impressed with the Village and its government– especially how Village board members, representatives and staff members set aside any political differences to keep the Village working for the good of its citizens and businesses.

My involvement with the Village’s government began when I assisted the Village Clerk to redesign and build the Village’s website for better communication and usability.

I hope to continue to help the Village be successful, and I look forward to your support in serving on the Board of Trustees.



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The Community Party is dedicated to bringing together residents of the Village of Lansing, New York, irrespective of national political affiliation, to maintain a livable place in which to reside and work, to preserve important open spaces, and to provide for orderly, controlled development. Open communication and a thrifty budget are top priorities.
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