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Community Party is the right choice for Lansing – from Ithaca Journal


I am writing to endorse Community Party candidates Don Hartill, Patricia O’Rourke and Ronny Hardaway for mayor and two trustees in the Village of Lansing election on April 25.

As a founder, former trustee, deputy mayor and mayor of the village for 14 years (from 1975 to 1989), I can testify that serving on the board is a privilege and a responsibility that must be taken seriously. When elected, one must be knowledgeable of all the issues facing the board, rather than focusing on one particular personal concern.

The Preservation Party candidates, running in opposition, appear to be focused on a single issue in a specific neighborhood with little to no understanding of the history of the village, its development or its present issues. We are fortunate to have experienced, knowledgeable candidates who have been doing the work and are committed to continuing on the board, a time-consuming and sometimes difficult job.
Our village has grown and thrived under the present administration and I encourage the residents to look at their records and continue to support their dedicated efforts.





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The Community Party is dedicated to bringing together residents of the Village of Lansing, New York, irrespective of national political affiliation, to maintain a livable place in which to reside and work, to preserve important open spaces, and to provide for orderly, controlled development. Open communication and a thrifty budget are top priorities.
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