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Professor Emeritus of Physics, Cornell University
Mayor, Village of Lansing since 1996
Board of Trustees since 1989
Since becoming Mayor of the Village in 1996 I have focused on:
 Keeping the Village on a solid financial footing
 Keeping the Village debt free
 Providing good service while keeping the tax rate low
 Planning for maintenance to avoid unexpected expenditures
 Improving our infrastructure—roadways, sewer, water, and storm water management
 Providing sound and responsible management for the entire Village
This past year we repaved Sheraton Dr., Uptown Rd., and the Village portion of Warren Rd.
A sidewalk was constructed on the north side of Uptown Rd. from Warren Rd. to Dankert Park.  The Village is still waiting to
acquire Graham Road West so that it can be reconstructed.  A new Village Park has been constructed on a 20-acre parcel
at the end of Northwood Road and features two modern playground structures along with a pavilion and a regulation size
soccer field.    The park is already heavily used and it will also feature an intended pile of dirt that was very popular during
the construction of the park.  A new sewer line will be constructed this 2019 construction season along East Shore Drive
and Cayuga Heights Road and will connect to the Village’s existing sewer line on Hemlock Lane providing availability of
sewer service in this region of the Village.  Money for one third of the construction cost will be provided by developers in the
Town of Lansing with the remainder coming from the sewer capital reserve fund.
Being Mayor of the Village of Lansing is my way of giving back to the society that has been very good to me and my family.

I would very much like to continue to serve as your Mayor and ask for your support.


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The Community Party is dedicated to bringing together residents of the Village of Lansing, New York, irrespective of national political affiliation, to maintain a livable place in which to reside and work, to preserve important open spaces, and to provide for orderly, controlled development. Open communication and a thrifty budget are top priorities.
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