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Family-business owner

I have lived in the Village with my wife, Monica, for 15 years as a student renter and now as a homeowner and family business owner. Owning our home and raising two small children who attend Lansing schools, I am committed to preserving the integrity of the Village and seeing the Village prosper for future generations. Between us, Monica and I currently hold positions on the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), Planning Board, Deer Management Program, Parks and Greenway Committee and the Climate Smart Communities Task Force within the Village.

The biggest issues I see facing the Village in the coming years are:

  • the economic feasibility of the Shops at Ithaca Mall and storefronts in general
  • increased residential development in the area, which many residents feel is encroaching 

on their privacy and low-traffic, low-density neighborhoods

  • improving pedestrian and bike safety by expanding walkways, bikeways, and trail-ways in the Village

As a BZA member, I am devoted to upholding Village zoning and as a Trustee I pledge to foster housing developments that suit every need, including mixed-use, while simultaneously creating cohesion within the Village and linking our neighborhoods with sidewalks, trails, and public spaces.

During my term as Trustee, I will seek to expand the Village trails system, linking neighborhoods throughout the Village and surrounding municipalities, and adding lighting to sidewalks. I see a robust biking/walking system and increased public park space as a way of improving accessibility throughout the Village, creating a sense of community, and enabling easy access to Village amenities and local businesses, particularly the malls. I believe this can be achieved by requiring all major developments to give back to the community by providing these sidewalks/trails/parks. 

I also intend to explore the possibility of a Village trash pickup service. Rather than requiring individual households to organize their own service, I believe a centralized system could reduce costs, alleviate traffic and be more environmentally friendly, aligning with the Village goal of becoming a registered Climate Smart Community.


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The Community Party is dedicated to bringing together residents of the Village of Lansing, New York, irrespective of national political affiliation, to maintain a livable place in which to reside and work, to preserve important open spaces, and to provide for orderly, controlled development. Open communication and a thrifty budget are top priorities.
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