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Community Party Citizen Observer Notes

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  1. gerrymonaghan22
    March 30, 2019

    March 11, Planning Board Meeting Notes by Gerry Monaghan

    – 7:00 Call to order and public comment period. There was no public comment.

    – Continued public hearing for special permit #4233 was postponed because applicant needs more time to prepare their application.

    – Continued public hearing for special permit #4242 proposed by Maguire Nissan of Ithaca. The proposed project is for development of property at 35 Cinema Drive. They are planning a 2 story building for sales and service of Nissan cars. Applicant presented information that relates to 7 variances from our Village code. The most significant variances are a reduction of the rear setback from 125 feet to 85 feet, and an increase in signage size from 100 square feet to 600 square feet. The other variances relate to reducing setbacks for parking in the front and side yards from 25 feet to 15 feet.

    – There were no minutes approved.

    – Other business was a discussion of Village sidewalks, and the possibility of requiring new construction projects to include sidewalks in their planning. Brent Cross suggested that this would be difficult to do with Zoning Codes. He recommended that it would be more effective to define things like sidewalks, plantings, trash areas, and propane tanks as Design Standards. There was further discussion of the sidewalk project on Dart Drive. There was consensus that we need to determine where we want sidewalks, and when we want to require new construction to incorporate them into their projects.

  2. gerrymonaghan22
    April 16, 2019

    April 15, 2019 BOT Observer Notes
    Public comment – none

    Marty Mosley – Plans for public hearing on re-zoning two parcels on North Triphammer Rd. Will be scheduled for next BOT meeting

    Public hearing on the budget. There will be a small increase in taxes this year. There will be the normal infrastructure maintenance – 1-2 miles of road. New lawnmower, new truck, finishing of parks, $5000 from county for pack benches, plantings, Dart Drive sidewalk project

    Mayor’s comments: steady progress on sewer extension – easement issues – mayor hasn’t had a chance to get with the engineers about the intersection of Cayuga Heights Drive and State Rt. 38 – very dangerous. Will be done in conjunction with the sewer extension project.

    Generally Village will be doing a lot of maintenance activities, returning to schedule of DPW staff doing 4 10 hour days. Brush pick up scheduled for 4/29. OK to put out a pickup load’s worth of brush.

    Sewer discussions are moving along. Mayor would like a new meter to measure I&I on a continuous basis. Is not getting anywhere with partners on this project.

    Another roadway issue: entrance to Savannah Park – Mayor has approached the neighborhood organization offering that the Village would take over the maintenance of that roadway. No interest.

    Gerry Monaghan resigning. Mayor will appoint his replacement, Andy Smith, to fill out the remaining 1 year of his term.

  3. gerrymonaghan22
    April 16, 2019

    Observer Notes from April 8th Planning Board Meeting

    Continue Public Hearing for Special Permit # 4242 Proposed by Maguire Nissan of Ithaca. 3 members from Maguire Nissan dealership presented 3 options of site signage and lighting and landscaping etc. PB members asked questions and gave suggestions on what they would like to see Maguire Nissan team
    Responded well to PB suggestions and will return with updated lighting and signage etc. They were due to return to the BZA board on Wednesday April 10.

    Next was an Informal Review of Special Permit #4258.
    Eric Goetzmann, representing Arrowhead Ventures proposed another change to the Residential Units o f Area B in the Lansing Meadows PDA located on Oakcrest Road. PB reviewed his proposal to determine whether it is a major or minor change from the approved site plan. Lots of back and forward discussion from PB members, David our lawyer and Brent cross and of course Eric and a colleague.
    No vote was taken. However a show of hands from PB members decided it was going to be a major change backed up by David and Brent.

    Approval of Board minutes.
    Trustee Report
    Adjourned approximately just after 9 pm.

    Pat O’Rourke

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