The Community Party of the Village of Lansing

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The Community Party of the Village of Lansing is a group of citizens dedicated to making our village government transparent, responsive and efficient.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our local officials, the village has maintained a high level of service to the citizens while keeping our taxes low.

We would like to invite the residents of the Village of Lansing to participate in our village government.  This can be done at various levels.  Some suggested possibilities are:

  1. Become a Citizen Observer

Citizen observers periodically attend meetings of the village boards, such as the Board of Trustees, or the Planning Board, and send notes on what transpired to a list of interested citizens.  Typically, a citizen observer is assigned to a meeting once every six months.  The observers become familiar with the village officials and the governmental procedures and their notes alert interested parties of issues, such as land development.  To learn more about becoming a citizen observer, please go to

  1. Join the Community Party

The Community Party holds two meetings each year:  a Nominating Caucus to select candidates for the elective offices of mayor and trustee; and an Annual Meeting after the election to discuss issues of importance and position the Party for the next year.  Meetings are held at the homes of members and are about two hours long.  To become a member, please contact Susanne Lorbeer at, or call her at 607-257-0835

  1. Become a Party Officer

The Community Party officers include:

  • a three person Nominating Committee,
  • a Treasurer,
  • a Membership Chair,
  • a Campaign Chair,
  • an Observer Program Coordinator.

There is a continuing need for the Party to develop depth of experience in these posts.  To that end, current holders of these posts encourage interested parties to contact them to become familiar with the duties of an office and to assume that office at an appropriate time.

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The Community Party is dedicated to bringing together residents of the Village of Lansing, New York, irrespective of national political affiliation, to maintain a livable place in which to reside and work, to preserve important open spaces, and to provide for orderly, controlled development. Open communication and a thrifty budget are top priorities.
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